Mastering the Business of Large Scale Street Art & Murals.

We Talk Chalk Academy Series wants to provide you with the support, knowledge, and resources you need to become a successful Artrepreneur.

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Registration for We Talk Chalk Academy will open this Fall.   Join the waitlist so you’re the first to know the course dates as well We Talk Chalk exclusive Freebies over the next few months.  And to start things off, I’m sharing “My List of Essential Tools for Large Scale Artwork” for everyone signing up with their email below.

Helping Street Artists Thrive

Created for Street Painters, 3D & Trick Eye Artists, Muralists and anyone creating large scale work looking to grow as an independent creative with a thriving business.

Learn from someone who understands your mission and supports your goals.

We’ve created a platform for your to learn technique and process, ask your questions, receive feedback on your work, discover the latest tools , resources and have the support when you need it most.

When we first started out, we were learning as we went. But we’re here to save you years of figuring things out on your own.

Our goal is to create a community for all levels of street painters, trick eye artists, and muralists to learn all there is to know about the artform, discuss authentic growth, learn best practices in marketing and client relations, and grow an online business to gain their ideal clients and sustain success.

How are we different from other online art communities?

We are here to teach you everything we know in one place with complete transparency. No matter where you are in your journey to success, we’re here to nourish your creativity, inspire you to find that inner creative voice and help you setup and thrive as a business. With access 24/7, We Talk Chalk Academy equips you with all the necessary tools, resources and support needed for consistent long term growth.

Surround yourself with artists who share your same goals and learn from one another as you grow.

Welcome to
We Talk Chalk Academy.

Hi, there! I’m Melanie.

Remco and I started We Talk Chalk Academy to fill a void we found in our industry, and as a personal goal: to create a place filled with the necessary lessons & tools any artist creating public large scale works needs for success. We meet artists all over the world who have incredible skills but are missing the knowledge needed to take their art from being a gig to a full time flourishing career. So we wanted to create a place where like minded creatives could come together and openly learn, share their questions, resources and encouragement.

Our biggest goal is to help give creatives the tools and resources they need to be successful at doing the work that makes them happiest.
We Talk Chalk Academy is where you’ll have the chance to learn and interact with incredibly inspiring and supportive  creatives every single day. We’d love to have you join us. We’re waiting to welcome you and guide you through this incredible journey to creative success!

Melanie is an expert in 3D street painting, murals, client sketches, image conception, tools, processes, technique, and materials,  project organization, and event consulting.

Remco is an expert in web design, analytics, SEO, marketing, sales, pricing, business setup, insurance, invoicing, etc.

Weekly Content

New Lessons are added to the Artchives and you’ll be able to connect with us LIVE every week.

I know when we first started out, it would have been amazing to have someone to answer those specific questions that pop up, get advice on important decisions and just have that expert guidance.  That’s why we are making ourselves available for the 4 member perks below.

Monthly Design

Members have the option to participate in Client Design Brief Projects. These are crafted to help you get familiar with various types of clients and assignments, help you learn the corporate language, find your signature style, and end your year with 12 fantastic portfolio pieces in sketch form.

Personal Coaching Sessions

Having trouble with a particular project or just in need of a little one on one guidance?  Members can submit a request for personal coaching with Melanie and / or Remco.   And because many artists struggle with similar challenges, our one on one personal coaching sessions are recorded so that all members have the opportunity to watch and learn from our session.


Once a week, we will host a live Facebook or Zoom  Q&A. Members are invited to submit any and all questions ahead of time so that Remco and/or Melanie can share their years of experience and knowledge.  These too will be recorded to watch at your convenience.

In the

Melanie will share behind the scenes news, in the moment projects, and VIP access to her and Remco’s favorite tools, tricks, and resources.

Join our Waiting List

Registration for We Talk Chalk Academy will open this Fall.   Join the waitlist so you’re the first to know the course dates as well We Talk Chalk exclusive Freebies over the next few months.  And to start things off, I’m sharing “My List of Essential Tools for Large Scale Artwork” for everyone signing up with their email below.

Daily Sketch Challenge for Street Artists & Muralists

Widening your creative reach to include Corporate Clients can be beneficial in so many ways. The projects are usually bigger, they have a budget to compensate you for your time and talents, and with each corporate project you will start attracting more and more projects with similar specs. But, it’s not always easy. There have been so many times when we’ve been asked to create a painting based on a somewhat abstract phrase or idea. It’s our job to come up with a visual that interprets that phrase and elevates it to an engaging photo opportunity.

How it works:
We’ve taken a dozen of these ideas from our client briefs over the years and included them below. Create a simple sketch, chalk drawing, or concept for a 3D/ anamorphic interpretation of one of the phrases below each day, or week, or month. This is great practice to help build skills but you may also want to turn them into actual street paintings or murals!

Where do I Share:
We’d love to see what you create. You can share on instagram using the hashtag #WeTalkChalk (you may be featured on our feed for #FeatureMeFriday) or, you can share on our Facebook Page with “Daily Sketch Challenge in the description”

I have been a friend and associate of Melanie Stimmell Van Latum for well over 2 decades and have always been a great admirer of her extraordinary artistic talents.

Over the last several years I worked as a street painting artist and muralist for Melanie and her husband Remco of  We Talk Chalk on numerous  projects, and have been fortunate to be a part of their team.  I have witnessed her remarkable abilities as an art director, project manager and business owner. I myself have gleaned much knowledge from my association with Melanie and am very grateful to look to her as my advisor and friend.  It is my pleasure to recommend my friend as a generous and knowledgable teacher as well as smart business woman with a fair and positive vision in all her endeavors.

Lorelle Miller